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Our Approach

You’re busy, driven and want to optimize your health. You may require one of our team members to come to you. We currently offer all of our services with the flexibility you need. Whether you’re visiting Beverly Hills and staying in a nearby luxury hotel, are recovering from a procedure, or simply want the convenience of someone coming to your home or office, we can accommodate that request.


We believe there is a difference between functional and optimal health. Our goal is to support your ability to not just function, but thrive. We do this through proper recovery techniques and sustainable lifestyle modifications. With well-rounded education and extensive experience in practice, Dr. Nell Smircina and her team are well-versed and highly skilled in creating customized plans based on an individual’s goals.

Dr. Nell Smircina

Integrative & Informed

Dr. Nell became interested in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine while working in the physical therapy field. With many of her patients seeing results with acupuncture, she saw an opportunity to expand her scope of practice and help patients in a more comprehensive way.

Dr. Nell went on to complete her Doctorate of Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine (DAOM), a designation only the top 1% of acupuncturists hold.

Her doctoral research focused on the power of acupuncture as a modality for post-surgical patients to optimize their recovery. During this process, she applied the healing principles of acupuncture specifically for post-surgical patients, thereby decreasing anesthesia side effects, wound healing time, scar tissue and post-operative inflammation and pain. She has been successfully utilizing her research to help patients optimize their recovery in many areas ever since.
Through her years of experience, Dr. Nell naturally had a predominately male patient base, and she became interested in a critical period of time in a man’s life: Andropause. Seeing the need for men to be in a comfortable environment where they can reach peak health led to the creation of PIQUE Health.